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    16–19Nov2014Brunei Darussalam

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About CAAYE Summit 2014

Innovate with Purpose

Towards a Sustainable Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

- November 2014, Bandar Seri Begawan

CAAYE has a mission to create and sustain a recognized body that exists as part of the official Commonwealth process and is able to engage, contribute to and impact the work of the Commonwealth to raise awareness and address the issues of young entrepreneurs.


  • 1. a network that, through its engagement with governments, the media, the public, all relevant stakeholders and member organizations, champions the cause of young entrepreneurs at the local, national, regional and international level; and
  • 2. an alliance of organizations from economies of the Commonwealth-Asia region that makes measurable progress towards development of entrepreneurship to ensure future prosperity.

The 3rd edition of CAAYE Young Entrepreneur Summit will be hosted in Brunei Darussalam, following the success of previous summits in Mumbai (2012) and Colombo (2013).

President's Message

"CAAYE has achieved numerous recognition since we were formed in 2011, including being recognized as a Best Practice by the Commonwealth Secretariat. We look forward to provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to connect, enhance the trade in the region and touch the hearts of Commonwealth young entrepreneurs at our annual CAAYE Summit."

– Nurul-Huda Mohamed Afandi
2014 President of Commonwealth Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (CAAYE)

Welcoming Message From YEAB

"Dear Delegates, The Young Entrepreneurs Association of Brunei (YEAB) welcomes you to Brunei Darussalam. As a founding member and key participant of CAAYE since its inception, we look forward to contributing to the growth and progress of the alliance through the 3rd CAAYE Young Entrepreneur Summit. The 2014 Summit will focus on sharing best practices around the central theme 'Innovate with Purpose' that will bring together 200 dynamic entrepreneurs from 9 countries in the Commonwealth-Asia region and Nepal to participate in the summit proceedings, field visits and communique development. Together, we can build a more sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship ecosystem! We hope to see you in Brunei."

Del Goh
President of YEAB

Fatin Arifin
Summit Chair 2014 & CAAYE Brunei Representative

Registration is now closed. For any inquiries, please contact sehhorng@gmail.com

We look forward to meeting you at CAAYE Summit 2014

Featured Speakers

CAAYE Summit Schedule

09:00am – 05:00pm

International Delegates Arrival at Orchid Garden Hotel
Leadership Assembly at Orchid Garden Hotel (For CAAYE Reps Only)

05:00am – 06:00pm

Summit Registration (For International Delegates Only)

06:00pm – 06:30pm

Depart from hotel to dinner venue (For International Delegates Only)

07:00pm – 09:00pm

Official Welcome Dinner at Mangrove Paradise Resort

07:00am – 08:00am

Breakfast at Orchid Garden Hotel (For International Delegates Only)

08:15am – 08:45am

Summit Registration at Orchid Garden Hotel

08:45am – 09:00am

Opening Remarks by Del Goh and Ms Nurul-Huda

09:00am – 10:00am

SESSION ONE: Summit Theme Discussion "Business can be responsible, competitive and profitable... all at once"

10:00am – 10:30am

Networking Tea

10:30am – 11:30am

SESSION TWO: Summit Plenary "Young in Business – Staying Relevant"

11:30am – 12:30pm

SESSION THREE: Workshop and B2B Session
• Workshop 1: Sharing best practices: Creating and growing responsible business
• Workshop 2: Enabling innovation: Creating capacity to act
• B2B Session: Networking

12:30am – 01:30pm

Networking Lunch at Goldiana Cafe and Lounge (Ground Floor of Orchid Garden Hotel)

01:30pm – 02:30pm

Release CAAYE Annual Report 2014 & CAAYE Impact Report
HOST COUNTRY SESSION: Brunei Focused Session "The Brunei Factor: A Market of Unharnessed Opportunities"

02:30pm – 03:30pm

SESSION FIVE: Forum Breakout Discussion on Building Entrepreneurship Ecosystems
• Option 1: "Innovation for development"
• Option 2: "On socially responsible business"

03:30pm – 04:00pm

Coffee Break

04:00pm – 05:00pm

SESSION SIX: CAAYE Challenge Winner Session (A moderated dialogue session)


Summit Ends

06:00pm – 06:30pm

Assemble at Lobby (For International Delegates Only)

06:30pm – 09:30pm

Free and Easy:
• Option 1: Times Square
• Option 2: The Mall & Night Market

07:30pm – 09:30pm

Leadership Assembly: Session for Communique Finalisation at Orchid Garden Hotel (For CAAYE Reps Only)

07:00am – 07:45am

Breakfast at the hotel (For International Delegates Only)

07:45am – 12:30pm

Morning Session (For International Delegates Only)
• Option 1: Meat Processing (Ideal) & Bio Innovation Park (MIPR)
• Option 2: Bio Innovation Park (MIPR) & Soy Milk (Hanasoy)
• Option 3: Investment Session with BEDB

12:30am – 01:30pm

Lunch at Tarindak D'Seni (For International Delegates Only)

01:30pm – 05:00pm

Leadership Assembly (For CAAYE Reps Only)

01:30pm – 05:00pm

Afternoon Session (For International Delegates Only)
• Option 1: Cultural Visit (City Tour & Kg Ayer Tour)
• Option 2: Aqua Culture (Golden Corp)
• Option 3: Women in Entrepreneurship Workshop by Embassy of the United States

05:00pm – 06:00pm

Refresh & Change Clothes (For International Delegates Only)

06:00pm – 06:30pm

Depart from hotel to Gala Dinner Venue (For International Delegates Only)

07:00pm – 09:00pm

Gala Dinner & Summit Closing at Empire Hotel Indera Kayangan Ballroom

09:00am – 09:00pm

Departure of International Delegates

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